A Place Nearby – Lene Marlin

Posted on Thursday, May 18th, 2006 at 1:07 pm

A place nearby 天堂若比邻

I entered the room 走进你的房间
Sat by your bed all through the night 坐在你的床边
I watched your daily fight 忆你坚强依然
I hardly knew 容我徐徐体念
The pain was almost more than I could be 痛苦难堪
And still I hear 依稀还能听见
your last words to me 临终遗言

[Heaven is a place nearby “天堂并不遥远
So I won’t be so far away 并非远在天边
And if U try and look for me 。 你若要来看我
Maybe your will find me someday 比邻相见
heaven is a place nearby 天堂并不遥远
So there’s no need to say goodby 不要再说再见
I wanna ask you not to cry 不必清泪涟涟
I’ll always be by Ur side ! 生死相伴”

you just faded away 身似尘埃落地
you spread your wings you had flown 心若乘鹤西去
Away to something unknown 离人难耐别离
Wish I could bring you back 期盼再次相聚
you are always on my mind 永不分离
About to tear myself apart 含泪向你倾诉
you have your special place in my heart 此情不渝

Always heaven is a place nearby 天堂并不遥远
And even when I go to sleep 并非远在天边
I still can hear your voice 梦中你我相见
And those words 音容宛在
I never will forget 思念永远

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