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Posted on Tuesday, January 13th, 2009 at 12:39 pm

image# About Payingpost

You’ll find from the screenshots (go ahead, click on it to enlarge) that the site characterized by simple in style, but it fitted the subject nicely. For enterprises and publishers looking to increase efficiency and drive revenue with internet, Payingpost is a complete platform for advertiser and bloggers.

# Blog advertising

You are a blogger, you build your own blog, you relied on your insights to maintain your circulation. You go to great length to get the job done, to plug the other company’s product/services/site… but you don’t make a penny on the deal. If this is indeed the case, then the current situation should make you ponder your futuer existence.

make money blogging

Well, The advertisement isn’t free of charge now, With Payingpost advertisers will pay you for your opinion. That puts an entirely new face on the matter.

get paid to post

You can get paid to post on your favorite subject. See if the opportunity fits to your blog, and if it does , then finish writting an honour review.

get paid to blog

Graspe at those opportunities to make hundreds or thousands of dollars. The more ploughing and weeding the better the crop.

# Blog marketing

advertising and blogs

Butter to butter is no relish.

Today, of course, we know that advertising is done  in newspapers, in magazines, on the radio, and on television.But advertising content are generally the same, butter to butter is no relish, people will cast away those old papers.

Advertising should take on new forms. Thus the blog marketing emerged as the times required.

advertise on blogs

There’s no use to go over the newspaper ads, Blog Advertising is the newest way to promote your business, Bloggers will write about your products or services or whatever you like, they are rich in content and varied in wiritting style.

It’s really quite simple. Blogger spreads news. When it spread the news of your product/services/…, people started to pay close attention to it.

Try to sign up and then you’ll know for sure. :wink:

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